Football practice report: August 18

placeFields of outdoor training

appearance: full pillows

The Oregon football team put out full stands for practice Thursday, and the next time the Ducks do this will be a second brawl for them at this pre-season camp, on Saturday.

In between, working days were just as important as the brawls, with ducks navigating through every imaginable scenario that could arise when the 2022 season begins in September. On Thursday, for example, the team trained in “out” positions, with the offense propped up in its end zone looking to move the strings and create breathing space.

While the defense, meanwhile, sought to deprive them of this rest.

Defense Coordinator Touch Lobby He said. “I think we have a chance to improve if we can put ourselves in a lot of situations that will really happen on match day. So that is our goal. And I am happy with the players, the way they deal with them. You respond to those situations.”

All of this drill work has also caused leaders to emerge on the UO’s defence, Lowboy said. He praised the defensive return method Brian Addison Read the pre-snap reported at one point, as well as the way back Jeffrey Bassa He makes his voice heard on the field.

A year ago, Basa was one of those security men who ended up being pressured into working as an inside back, when injuries created a need there. Now he is establishing himself as a leader in the center of defense – and constantly working to improve that voice.

“I always feel like this is where I can improve – communicating and taking calls with my teammates,” Bassa said. “Because I see myself as a leader.”

Exercise Basa Whittington

As Saturday’s brawl approaches, the ducks will focus on areas where they want to show growth since the first brawl at camp. The place where their attention has not been focused, so far, is on their opponents in 2022, Loboye explained.

“We have a lot to go on just with our team,” said Lowboy. “This is really where the focus is on improving every day – on ourselves.”

Hatfield Campbell

NB: Former Oregon coach runs their back Gary Campbell He attended training and spent time watching rehearsals with former UO assistant John Ramsdale. …Tinker Hatfield, the legendary Nike designer, was also available to practice, mingling with Lanning and the players when the opportunity arose while watching from the sideline.


big gambler Adam Barry
About working with the long snapper on kicks as well as carrying spot kicks

“I think the chemistry is great. We’ve been here for two weeks, a month or so. We’re really the best buddies. It’s crazy how we clicked like that. Great shots, great grip, great kick. We’re just going to keep getting better, trying to be wonderful.”

Adam Barry practice
novice gambler Ross James

On his mentality after transferring from middle school
“Obviously I’m a younger guy, so I’m here to learn. But I’m also here to compete, at the same time. I feel like things are going really well. Having good competition helps improve each other, so that’s something we’re working towards.”

Post-practice interviews:

Defensive Coordinator Touch Lobby

big gambler Adam Barry

New player at full back Jeffrey Bassa

second defensive end Braden Swenson

novice gambler Ross James

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