We are on the verge of death for the NCAA

Are we witnessing the death of the NCAA?

Are we witnessing the death of the NCAA?
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Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. but one day – And one day we might all be to survive for, Depending on your cholesterol level and financial condition, because the rich, as we know, die old and are comfortable here. And this won’t be the complete end of the NCAAas long as it holds the keys to a basketball tournament and there are still enough people who want to take two days off work and drink and gamble all day (and they do, and they will).

But when it comes to football, The first step has already been taken. The CFP, or the 11 presidents who make up something like a governing body for the organization responsible for the college football game, at least allowed the idea of ​​telling the NCAA to do one and they would take care of themselves being born and sprouted. This only goes one way from here. Because there is more money to be made this way.

We already know that if the Big Ten and the SEC want it, they can go out on their own tomorrow and get enriched. Sure, people will pretend not to doubt the idea of ​​shutting down the ACC or the Pac-10 or the Cincinnatis or the Boise states of the world, and that will be over in about seven minutes. People only care about the biggest teams in the long run, and aside from the occasional Clemson rudeness, we know that important teams come from the SEC or the Big Ten (and really only the SEC).

Separating from the NCAA would allow the CFP, or whatever they change their name to, to inculcate whatever rules they want. Not that these eleven bosses and advisors will be in a rush to give players actual salaries or some such, but that it will be on the table along with the NIL deals they can get right now. This would likely eliminate any class attendance or class requirements, which schools or players weren’t interested in anyway. It could be a real minor league for the NFL, which the SEC sure was anyway.

And perhaps most impressively, it will be the middle finger of the NCAA that the organization has deserved for decades, if not its entire existence. She drenched her greed into high thinking and possessing pearls, and she definitely didn’t give up on making Minority Student Mathematics a villain until she could no longer. I’ve always felt that bowing to the NIL deals was the last minute that wouldn’t stand the tide (not this one), and so it feels more like now. It’s been a long time for the NCAA to flip, and we’re almost done.

You always dream of a day like this, and when it becomes a reality you don’t know what to say. Just a little further now, you’re almost done.

A little slow night last night, but we always have time to hit a real Thunderbastard. Come on down, Domenico Crosetto from Toronto:

The fact that Toronto went for this from a corner kick, and that Criscito was the only teammate Michael Bradley was looking to pass to, must mean that Criscito crashed in training fairly regularly. Despite the backlash, Criscito’s teammates were just as shocked as he was, meaning they were expecting him to explode to Newfoundland.

The game is tied at 2 for Toronto against New England, where it will end. This was Criscito’s first-ever goal in the MLS, which makes the boldness of his endurance even more impressive. May we all be very confident once in our lives.

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