Kyle Bush, other drivers are tired of Ross Chastain’s antics

  • In five seasons, Ross Chastain really has no shortage of enemies in NASCAR.
  • An aggressive driver has a tendency to ruin other people’s days, and many seem to be tired of him.
  • After the recent incident, Kyle Bush remarked that his turn had apparently come to be “Chastain’d”.

No matter where Ross Chastain goes, the problems always seem to converge, and the other drivers are clearly tired of ruining their days.

The latest crash occurred at this week’s Richmond Grand Prix during the re-start of the final stage. When the cars entered the three-wide turn, Chastain (1) was probably trying to avoid 42 cars (Ty Dillon), and in doing so, clipped the left rear of Kyle Busch (18), causing both cars to spin.

After the race, Bosch, who finished ninth, expressed his frustration by turning Chastain into action.

“We were looking fine and in a good place, we just got close to there, methodically working our way across the field with our Toyota Camry, and we got Chastain’d this week,” Bush said. “We were his victim this week.”

While there is some debate over who is responsible for the latest wreck, it’s clear that drivers don’t give Chastain the benefit of the doubt, given that he’s often the common denominator in these shipwrecks.

Staff Leader Denny Hamlin Chris Jabhardt can be heard sarcastically on the radioRoss Chastain’s last warning.

Hamlin and Chastain have a long history of racing on the track. After being smashed multiple times by Chastain, Hamlin got a bit of a revenge near the end of the last Pocono race as the two drivers battled for the lead.

After this race, Hamlin explained that their beef wasn’t over yet.

“I mean, we’re going to keep racing aggressively until we get respect from these guys,” Hamlin said. “Not only that. We’ve been decimated four times, twice as we’ve been going in the last 10 months. I’m at the end of it.”

However, the one who defended Chastain was NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Jr recently spoke about how Martin Truex Jr was angered after an incident he had with Chastain. After that race, Earnhardt, friends of both drivers, defended Chastain and his “bounce” driving style, saying the sport needs drivers like him.

However, Chastain clearly doesn’t have many friends on the right track.

During the last Michigan race, NASCAR Champion Kyle Larson seemed to sum up the feelings of many when asked if he wanted to work with Chastain to improve their race progress.

“Ha,” Larson said over the radio. “Ross doesn’t work with anyone. Funny.”

The two did not work together, and neither of them won the race.

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