Pete Rose shrugs off the question about allegations of sex with a minor

Pete Rose was unwilling to speak up about allegations that he had a sexual relationship with a minor decades ago.

In Philadelphia on Sunday to celebrate the 1980 world champions, Rose declined to address the issue.

“No, I’m not here to talk about it. Sorry about that. That was 55 years ago, baby,” he Tell Writer Alex Covey is from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The 81-year-old, 17-time All-Star, who was banned from baseball in 1989 for gambling in the sport from 1985 to 1987, did not answer any further questions. However, the Phyllis were going to honor him in 2017 and get him into the wall of fame before the allegations surfaced.

A woman known as Jane Doe claimed to have had an affair with Rose when she was 14 or 15 in 1973. He was married at the time and had two children. His lawyer said the allegations had not been verified.

Pete Rose acknowledges the crowd on Sunday at Citizens Bank Park where the Phillies honored the 1980 World Championship team.
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In 2017, Rose admitted that she had an affair with the woman, but said she was 16, the legal age of consent in Ohio. He said they had not had any sexual encounters outside of Ohio, which contradicts the accused’s account.

After Sunday’s party honoring the 1980 team, The Associated Press asked Rose about his interaction with Kofi.

“I’ll tell you again. I’m here for the Phillies fans. I’m here for my teammates. I’m here for the Phillies organization,” Rose said, to the Enquirer. And who cares about what happened 50 years ago. You weren’t even born. So no You should talk about it, because you weren’t born. If you don’t know anything about it, don’t talk about it.”

Pete Rose during the 1980 Phillies World Championship party on Sunday.
Pete Rose during the 1980 Phillies World Championship party on Sunday.
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Kofi stated that Rose’s representative approached her afterwards and apologized on Rose’s behalf. Then Rose joked to her, “Would you forgive me if I dropped you 1,000 baseballs?” before you say “sorry”.

The Velez defended Rose’s inclusion in this latest concert.

“In planning the 1980 reunion, we consulted Pete’s teammates about his inclusion,” the team previously said in a statement. “Everyone wants Pete to be a part of the festivities because there would be no Cup in 1980 without him. In addition, the club obtained permission from the commissioner’s office to invite Pete as a member of the championship team.”

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