Joe Gibbs Racing puts nose strip on display after NASCAR DQ (video)

Joe Gibbs Racing shows exactly the reason for disqualification in the video; Commentary by Denny Hamlin and Kyle Bush

Last weekend at Pocono Raceway, Joe Gibbs Racing crossed the finish line with a 1-2. Just a few hours later, race winner Denny Hamlin and runner-up Kyle Busch were disqualified. The win was handed to Chase Elliott.

Watch the nose strip video below.

NASCAR added very few details regarding the penalty. However, they said it was a strip piece from the front nose.

This weekend, NASCAR is racing on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track. Joe Gibbs Racing put the #11 intro outside their pickup truck. Two pieces of sticky tape on the nose, showing teams and other drivers exactly what brought the DQs.

Hamlin explained the reason for the nose show, “A wonderful discussion among the executives at JGR that led to a willingness to be transparent with the public about exactly what it was. A great example that we hope other teams will follow in this case.”

Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch were disqualified after a NASCAR race at the Pocono Raceway

Denny Hamlin’s Comments

“I think it was definitely a shock to all of us,” Denny Hamlin stated.

“I thought we had one of the big Richard Petty engines or something. Not this time, it was a piece of tape. They’re consistent that that’s the way they want it with this new car.”

“I wasn’t in my arms when I found out. I said, ‘Should there be or not?’ They said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Well, I screwed everyone up.'”

“You shouldn’t do that. It was beautiful in black and white from my point of view. We just added something to the stock portion.”

Hamlin posted a video earlier this week with a goblet and champagne. Nee joked that the trophy will be put on eBay. However, he made it clear that the trophy had arrived in Indianapolis, hinting that it would be flown to Chase Elliott.

Denny Hamlin: Pocono Cup and Champagne (Video)

Comments by Kyle Bush

“It’s excessive for what it was,” Kyle Bush said on Saturday of last week’s penalty.

“But, I get to process this car. And make sure the example is there.”

“I’m sure of exactly what happened with our operation that that piece of tape got. But, that was unfortunate.”

Bosch was asked about the potential advantages of the tape.

Bosch explained, “Minimum of anything. We’ll go back there and run that race tomorrow, we’ll run the same way.”

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