Another report Jaylen Brown is still ‘all in’ at the Boston Celtics

Jaylen Brown was unhappy to see his name amid trade rumors about Kevin Durant.

Did Boston cut ties with one of the key players who led them to the NBA Finals (and arguably, was the Celtics’ best player against the Warriors)? A guy can leave as a free agent in two years?

apparently not. This has been reported before, and now’s Steve Ballpitt quotes a league manager who thinks all is still good between the Celtics and the Browns.

“I think Jaylen is a long-timer,” this latest source told Heavy. “If they want him for the long haul and they’re going to pay him the contract he’s worth, I think he’s all Boston. From everything I’ve been told, Jaylen is a loyal guy. I know frustration can happen when things don’t go well, and I think we’ve seen some of that in earlier than last season.

“But when you take a step back and look at things, I think he wants to be there. And any problems that could ever happen with that relationship would probably come from the idea that there’s no relationship with him. And now I don’t see that from the Celtics. I think. They know what they have in Jaylen – now and in the future – and they want to keep it going.

But, like I said, it’s Kevin ****** Durant, and you know Brooklyn is going to want to talk about Jaylen. Even if things about the business conversations aren’t leaked and reported, anyone with a mind will know Jaylen’s name will come up at some point If he’s talking to Boston.”

This last point is key: All reputable reports on the Brooklyn and Boston trade talks said things had broken down two weeks before the report was leaked to the public. Things haven’t changed between the Nets and Celtics since then. So why is all the new news splattered to keep trade talks in the headlines and in the foreground? Because it benefits mosquito nets and Durant. (The Celtics finally seemed to dispute the leak with the report the Nets put first on Jason Tatum and Brown.) It’s not unlike Durant’s ultimatum to Nets owner Joe Tsai—Durant’s camp made the request, knowing Tsai would never go to him, and then it was leaked. Just to press Brooklyn. If Durant really wanted (and thought he could get) the regime change in Brooklyn, he would have made that request to Tsai in April/May, not August.

Celtics president Brad Stevens will likely be in touch and transparent with Brown through the process. Brown also knows, as the best player mentioned on the table in the Durant deal, that it’s in the Nets’ best interest to keep the story alive. Even if the trade itself is not.

More and more, Durant’s saga looks as if it’s going to boot camp, when commitments are tested. Is Durant, the man who built the reputation of a star who puts the game first and just wants to play, ready to hold out? Will the Nets have the grit for the drama and intense media spotlight that will come with a boot camp where questions about Durant (and Keri Irving) hang on them?

The drama isn’t over in Brooklyn, which means it’s not over for Brown either.

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