Rogel replaces Frolunda as Red Wings fans’ favorite Swedish club

Last season, when Detroit Red Wings fans took a look across the Atlantic, all eyes were on Frolunda. With Red Wings recruits Simon Edvinson, Elmer Soderblom and Theodor Niederbach in the line-up, it wasn’t a surprising development.

This season, that look at Detroit’s European future will continue to focus on Sweden. Just this year, Rogel was the favorite Swedish club for Detroit fans.

In the spring, Niederbach was moving from Frolunda to Rogle. There he will be joined by the 2020 Red Wings’ second-round draftee William Wallander and Marco Casper, Detroit’s top pick in the 2022 NHL draft entry.

Red Wings fans will also remember that Rogle was the club where Moritz Ceder was training in the SHL prior to performing last season’s Calder Trophy winner for Detroit.

“I wanted to try something new,” Niederbach said of his move to Rogel. “Frolunda is a good club and I learned a lot from them but I felt like I wanted to try something new.

“I know Rogel is a good team. Both Wallinder and Seider have been there and they’ve been a huge development there. I know I’m coming to a great club.”

swedish power rogal

The only thing Rogel strives for is success on the ice. In 2020-21, the club played in the SHL Final. Last season, Rogel won the Champions League, defeating Frolunda in the semi-finals of that competition.

Last season, Wallander was the player to switch to Rogel. MoDo left, and ended up playing a best four minutes on Rogle’s back end.

“It just went the way I wanted it,” Wallander said. “My game is starting, my defensive game is starting to work. I am in the right direction.”

Red Wings Future on screen

Niederbach hopes to get a similar boost in his career by moving to Rogle. Last season, while he was sixth at the bottom of the standings at Frolunda, he was still able to score nine goals in 51 games. He is hoping to get a chance to play a midfield with Rogel after toiling on the wing in Frolunda.

“I have to prove myself that I can play in a midfield, but I think it’s a good chance to get a chance to play in the middle,” said Niederbach. “But I have to prove that I can play central at SHL level.”

Niederbach thinks he’s in the middle where he could make his mark before moving on to hockey in North America.

“I see myself as a center, I try to play well in both zones, be confident in zone D but I can also do something well in zone O,” said Niederbach. “I wouldn’t say a two-way center but an offensive position that can be trusted in Zone D as well.”

Casper finally proved that point last season. As the season progressed, he was gaining more and more importance in Roggel’s scheme of things.

“He works so hard, he likes to go straight to the net and be a little bit dirty in front of the net,” Wallander said of Casper. “He’s a tough guy to play against, really skilled as well.”

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