Los Angeles Rams’ Matthew Stafford impressed in training, plays down ‘annoying’ elbow problem

IRVINE, CA – After making several deep throws and even a no-look pass during training on Saturday, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford said he felt like he could make any throw he wanted.

Stafford, who sustained an elbow injury last season, received an injection into his right elbow during the holiday season and did not throw during spring practice for the rams.

On Thursday, coach Sean McVeigh said Stafford’s injury was “a little unusual for a quarterback,” but confirmed that the Rams planned with him “a modified approach and a progressive build” during training camp.

“I’m just having a little soreness,” Stafford said on Saturday. “We’re working through it. I feel good today. I thought it looked pretty good. But just trying to be smart with it and making me feel as good as I feel in the first week while still getting as many reps as possible.”

Stafford declined to go into detail about his elbow soreness, saying he was “going through something annoying right now.”

“We have a great plan,” Stafford said. “I feel stronger every time I go out here and throw. I don’t know if you guys are watching. I felt like I could do any throw I wanted today. And I just try to be smart when I get these chances to make sure I can get out here, cut it.” [and] Release it as you did today.”

McVeigh echoed Stafford’s comments about the way he threw the ball on Saturday and noted that he was not only making short and medium throws but was “pushing the ball” into “all kinds of spots”. McVeigh also said that based on the way Stafford threw it, “I don’t think you’d know anything was going on.”

“If you guys are watching, I don’t really know how much you can ask how Matthew is feeling,” McVeigh said. “I mean, he threw it all over the yard today. It looked really good, and it felt good.

“We’re very much on the right track with what we were hoping for, and I think you could really see the ball jump out of his hand. … And so I think he was trying to show you guys that maybe there aren’t a lot of questions for you that he could ask him either based on what He felt it and the way he was throwing today.”

Ramez also restored corner back Galen Ramzy in training on Saturday. While Ramsey did not start training camp on a list physically unable to perform after off-season shoulder surgery, he was not cleared beforehand to participate in practice. On Saturday he participated in the fieldwork for the team 7 on 7.

McVeigh said Ramsey “did a fantastic job” as the Rams family continued their “five-day acclimation period.”

“I think he’s relieved and then we will continue to increase that work as we go forward,” the coach said.

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