It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my golf career – Zalatoris splits with the caddy

Dismissals within golf are not uncommon, as individuals look for any possible way to improve their playing. Whether it’s a new coach or a new coach, players will look for ways to find the extra 1%.

Will Zalatoris is a future star in the game, with the 25-year-old achieving impressive results in Major and PGA Tour events. However, on Friday evening, Zalatoris broke up with longtime caddy, Ryan Goble, saying it was “the hardest decision he’s ever had to make.”

Zalatores and Gobel in the 150th Open

(Image source: Getty Images)

“Ryan is a brother for life,” Zalatores said. “We’ve had a tough month together and it’s starting to affect our relationship. I know guys say that when they break up, but it really was. We were guys that liked to have dinner together and hang out and it just started – what was going on in your period was starting to bleed from your period and that’s not what you want.”

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