Draymond Green returns to James Wiseman’s summer hater

James Wiseman’s first basketball game in over a year could not have gone much better. The Golden State Warriors center had a resounding dive, dribbling, and two towering blocks in the first four minutes of his Las Vegas Summer League debut on Sunday, reminding the Dub Nation and the NBA world in general why he was the #1 overall pick in the 2020 draft.

But Wiseman’s sensational initial tenure has since proven his peak performance in Sin City. He finished with 11 points, two rebounds and seven fouls in his opener at Sin City, then followed that up with six points, seven plates, three blocks and five fouls in a blast loss to the Boston Celtics two days later.

Rust was always inevitable for Wiseman in Las Vegas. His last competitive event came on April 10, 2020, when the junior season was wrapped up due to a meniscus tear that eventually cost him all of 2022-23. Wiseman has plenty of room to grow every aspect of his game, but what has prevented him from making a lasting positive impact with the Warriors in 2019-20 is his overall feel and understanding of the game.

It would have been naive to expect Weizmann to show so much progress in that regard this summer after 15 months of playing. However, that hasn’t stopped some analysts and fans alike from criticizing Wiseman’s strong but disappointing performance, especially on the glass – a veneer that is incompatible with Draymond Green.

“I know there was a lot of talk about the first game, like, ‘Oh, he’s got two wears. “Don’t get me wrong, that’s the first thing I looked at too. Like Wise, you can’t have two dresses,” Green said on the last episode of the podcast of the same name. timing. Rebounding Not only am I tall, I’m tall, I can jump, I’m athletic. Recovery is timing. And for someone who hasn’t played basketball since 2018, I know you won’t understand, but your timing is probably wrong, because that’s four years and some change due to not playing basketball constantly. So those who have done it will understand that this is 100 percent timing matter.”

Greene particularly resented a local radio host who compared Weizmann’s rebound numbers to Chet Holmgren’s numbers in the Oklahoma City Thunder, the No. 2 overall pick for this year’s draft.

Their bodies already indicated that Wiseman should be more effective on glass than Holmgren. After all, he’s almost 50 pounds over the famous Oklahoma City megaman, of the same ridiculous height.

It’s worth noting that Wiseman’s hands aren’t as soft or strong as Holmgren’s either. But basketball, especially at the NBA level, is not just about physical tools. Timing cannot be developed without experience, and Wiseman has far less of that than any other promising youngster who has entered the league in the past few years.

“Like I said, again, I wouldn’t excuse James Wiseman from getting two wears. I don’t think James Wiseman would ever justify that,” Green said. “As someone who has done it at this level, and who continues to do it at this level, I understand that rebounding is … obviously you have to have talent on the ball. You have to do the right things with boxing. Coach Izu used to teach us “Hit, find and fetch,” hit your man, find the ball, and then go get it. Yes, all those things and whoever wants the ball the most, all those things. But your timing is just as important if not the most important.

“So to try and make it something, like comparing these two guys, and this kid has been out for four years? It’s ridiculous.” “Also, you can’t judge who is the best in a summer league match. Let’s stop being foolish. It’s ridiculous.”

Clearly, Wiseman’s hopes of becoming the star player Holmgren have fizzled out since he was drafted two years ago. Golden State doesn’t need him to be a franchise-changing force next season nor in the future, though. If Wiseman evolves into just a menacing edge guard who can switch to ball handlers in a pinch and keep up with the onslaught of the heavy warriors on the other end, he will be a quality springboard for years to come.

Don’t completely dispense with the possibility that Wiseman will eventually reach that distant summit. Seven feet with his collection of tools and emerging skills are few and far between.

Here he hopes it will be shown when Wiseman and the Warriors meet Holmgren and Thunder on Friday.

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