Denny Hamlin gives two cents on Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s hot “Idiot” argument, featuring him, with co-host Mike Davis

As it stands, the tension from sprinters Denny Hamlin and Ross Chastain appears to creep far beyond the racetrack, behind the two. Like Dale Earnhardt Jr and Mike Davis feud in a heated discussion on the same topic on their podcast.

It got to the point where Earnhardt Jr. called in a Door Bumper Clear panel of observers to explain their views on the Pocono incident between Hamlin and Chastain.


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So it was only right that this week, on the latest episode of the Door Bumper Clear podcast of which Denny Hamlin was a guest, he was asked about his thoughts and views on the same topic.

“I heard Dale Jr downloaded. Well, first of all, I loved his call to you. That conversation I wrote to Dale was like, dude, the sudden call saying like, ‘Whatddya mean?'” Did you hit it? that was good,” Hamlin description.

Then driver Joe Gibbs Racing revealed his opinion on the matter by saying he wouldn’t pick a side, and that he wouldn’t “distinguish” between Dale Jr’s shot. And that of Mike Davis.

However, Hamlin agreed that the JR Motorsports owner seemed to be in a bad mood that day.

“Junior was a little upset that morning, that afternoon. The boy, when asked for examples, didn’t like it at all,” He said while the entire painting exploded in laughter.

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Why did Dale Earnhardt Jr. summon the DBC watchdog group?

On an episode of the Door Bumper Clear podcast after the race in Pocono, moderators TJ Majors, Freddie Kraft and Brett Griffin unanimously agreed that the crash between Denny Hamlin and Ross Chastain was in fact a racing accident and not retaliation by the JGR driver.

Furthermore, the observers, albeit jokingly, had called their boss “Foolish” To believe it was an act of revenge by Hamlin.


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JOLIET, IL – July 15: Dale Earnhardt Jr. , the driver of the 88th Nationwide Insurance/Date Mountain Dew Chevrolet, places his earpiece in the garage area during a test of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Chicagoland Speedway on July 15, 2015 in Joliet, Illinois. (Photo by Jon Dore/Getty Images)

So he called Dale Jr. and questioned the stewards about their verdict on the incident, and they still stand by their position.

“Man, tThe guy has come out and confessed it,” Earnhardt said.


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“It was revenge with a scalpel, not with a hammer,Proposed Hall of Fame labeled. “That’s a lot for my religion. Believe it or not, this is as hard as my religion goes.”

“Who knows?”

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