“You don’t know if you’ll get Steph Curry, you don’t know if you’ll get Draymond Green”

Kendrick Perkins said the success of Steph Curry and Draymond Green has influenced teams to play the long game of building around draft picks. He cited the Utah Jazz Offseason as an example.

However, Perkins said:

“You don’t know if you’ll get Steve Curry. You don’t know if you’ll get Draymond Green. You don’t know if you’ll get Klay Thompson.”

Waiting for Steph Curry’s draft pick could do more harm to teams than help them

Given the dominance seen from Steph Curry’s Warriors since 2015, teams are beginning to put more confidence in building through draft picks.

As Steve, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green were drafted by Golden State and never left, winning four championships together, the league took note.

For now, the Utah Jazz appears to be number one on that poll.

The release of Rudi Gobert and the opening of business talks with Donovan Mitchell made people believe that jazz was beginning to rebuild. The two helped the franchise make six straight playoffs (five with Mitchell).

They were given a grade of “A” for their casual moves. However, Kendrick Perkins and ESPN’s “NBA Today” board think the score is too high.

Perkins said:

“I just feel like Jazz in my opinion – losing Defensive Player of the Year three times – wouldn’t give them an ‘A’. … I just don’t see how they got an ‘A’.”

Ridding themselves of Joubert opens the door to Utah and keeps their futures clear for new stars. But Perkins believes the strategy can hurt the team.

The committee spoke of the futility of grade ‘A’, as the grade should reflect the moves they made to improve themselves for the following season. What the jazz team did was keep themselves open to future picks and stretch for a long rebuild. Perkins said fans don’t want to wait for the long-term rebuild, they want to see the immediate effects.

Losing Gobert gives jazz an immediate negative effect, and as a result, Kendrick and his company lose the degree.

Curry, ranked seventh in 20009, became one of the game’s greatest players of all time. He never left Golden State, showing the rest of the league that waiting for these players is worth the investment. Thompson was the 11th pick in 2011, Green was the flyer pick, and the 35th pick in 2012.

However, players like Curry and Greene don’t come around very often, and waiting so long for players to develop, culture and chemistry can get in the way of jazz.

Utah appears to be targeting younger players who can make a long-term dedication to their city, but when or if that happens, it’s hard to tell.

Edited by Joseph Schiefelbein

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