What is the UFA’s interest in Long Island’s Sonny Milano?

Whereas much (if not all) of our concern for the New Yorkers was directed at him my name is my destiny In recent days, another free agent that is still not signed is a Long Island resident Sony Milano. In our “Best of What Remains” series, James Nichols A glimpse of Milano and his career path break with chemistry Trevor Zegrasthe ability to play – Including knowing when to get out of the way.

At 26, Milan’s career seemed to build momentum until he was never offered a contract before Anaheim Dax off season. This was a modest surprise as the Milan game seemed to have come a long way last season. Putting 34 points (14G + 20A) in 66 matches fits in well with the Zegras.

Two weeks ago, I saw the name Milano on a list. No, not the lists of free agents remaining. 5v5 drop for initial aid based on passing A3Z data (all three areas) and courtesy assist J Fresh Hockey. Look at the company he keeps. All-Stars, Hart Cup Winners, Stanley Cup Champions, Matthew Barzal Sony Milano! Even if you attribute Milan’s expectations to playing with the Zegras, most of the players listed here skate alongside talented strikers.

From Alex Chauvanci in hockey bookMilan 52.02 CF% ranked first over ducks, while 52.75 xG% ranked second after Adam Henrik. Even when paired away from the Zegras, CF% and xG% were close to par (a touch over 49%). a look at microstat profile It shows that while his point production doesn’t jump off the stat sheet, his game has characteristics that lead to scoring opportunities.

Advanced statistics suggest that Milan have something to offer the next team to give them a chance. He hasn’t been seriously linked to any team in recent weeks but remains an affordable UFA with improved playmaking. It’s hard to find a place on the list of Milanese – even before Kadri’s rumored signing – but if there’s a multiplayer trade that coincides with Kadri’s signing, there’s potential for that to change.

next one. Best of Islanders Remaining: Sonny Milano Edition. dark

NHL players who grew up in Long Island and are fans of the Islanders are a rarity. The timing may not be right to go back home to Milanbut while interest from other NHL teams remains sluggish, one might wonder if this means there is more than one UFA signature the islanders can seek.

No matter which teams end up signing for Milan, they should get a passionate first-round talent with something to prove at a crucial juncture of his career.

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