Warriors Star, Who May Sign $146 Million Contract, May Trade Cavaliers In Bad News For Stephen Curry

Andrew Wiggins’ rise over the past two years is one of the most amazing stories in the NBA. Wiggins was drafted as the first pick by Cleveland and traded to Timberwolves in a three-team trade without wearing a Cavalier jersey. Wiggins currently plays with Stephen Curry for the Golden State Warriors and helped him win his fourth NBA title.

Then, aged 19, Andrew was being compared to Kobe and LeBron when he was enlisted. Furthermore, he struggled to show his value to Minnesota. He was their primary scorer and wing defender before being traded to the Golden State Warriors for D’Angelo Russel.


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Wiggins was arguably the best defender on the 2021-22 Golden State team and took them to the NBA Finals. After appearing in the playoffs, the value of his shares in the trading market skyrocketed. He averaged 16.5 points in the regular season and played big in the playoffs. Furthermore, there have been rumors that a return to the Cleveland Cavaliers is in the Wiggins cards.

The Golden State Warriors would like to keep Wiggins, but a new talent named Jordan Poole emerged over the past season. Paul is hilariously known as Splash’s cousin alongside Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson and has been given the starting role in several games. On top of that, with big contracts like Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, it can be tough for the Warriors to keep both Poole and Wiggins on the payroll.

Could this be the end of Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins?

The Warriors will be known for the biggest payroll in NBA history if they plan to keep Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins’ contract from Minnesota is five years, $147.7 million, as he becomes a free agent after 2022-23. The maximum extension for Jordan Poole is reported to be $190 million over five years.

GM Warriors Bob Myers said, “You don’t need me to tell you what our payroll is. It’s very high. And we’ve spent a lot, and we’ve kept all the players we want to keep, so I don’t see that changing.”

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It would be interesting to see Wiggins in a Cavalier jersey, considering how close he has been to playing with them in the past.

Warriors may trade with Wiggins because of the record-breaking luxury tax

Stephen Curry is one of the highest paid athletes, and rightfully so. According to NBCBayArea, Golden State’s final gross salary was approximately $176 million for this season. Stephen Curry is on another contract cap, and total salaries with luxury tax are $356 million.


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With Wiggins and Poole in the picture, that could be as much as $500 million, which is nothing like the NBA at all. Furthermore, reports indicate that Wiggins may be traded to Cleveland this summer and paired with Colin Sexton. Darius Garland, Garrett Allen, and Evan Mobley.


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Hopefully, NBA champion Andre Wiggins Warriors can come up with a solution and find a way to keep a small lead.

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