Warriors Star Draymond Green sends a powerful message to James Wiseman

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Warriors star Draymond Green.

Draymond Green came to the defense of James Wiseman at the Golden State Warriors Center, but he also sent a message to the young senior.

Wiseman had some uneven performances in the NBA Summer League, which drew some criticism. But Greene defended his performance, noting that he’s still finding his flow because he’s been restricted since “like 2018”.

“Big star got us back there, James Wiseman,” Green said on Thursday’s episode of his podcast. “I think Wiseman looks very good there, especially considering all things.

“James Wiseman hasn’t really played basketball since, like 2018. Because if you think about it, he’s played, what, [three] General games in Memphis and sat the rest of the year. play like [40] The games of his rookie year in the NBA, he missed the rest of that year. And then, obviously, he missed the whole last year and now he’s just back.”

However, Green also had a message for Appendix VII when it came to its bounce.

“I know there was a lot of talk about the first game, ‘Oh, he’s got two wears. Don’t get me wrong, that was the first thing I looked at as well. It’s wise you can’t have two rebounds,” Green said. “Rebounding is a timing thing. Rebounding Not only am I tall, I’m tall, I can jump, I’m athletic. Recovery is timing. And for someone who hasn’t played basketball since 2018… your timing is probably wrong because that’s four years and a change of not playing basketball constantly. … I would never excuse James Wiseman getting two wears, and I don’t think James Wiseman would excuse that.”

Wiseman responds with a powerful outing against OKC

Dry On Warriors James Wiseman and Jonathan Kominga in the NBA Summer League | Draymond Green ShowDraymond Green explains how the Summer League can be so valuable to younger players, what disappointed Dray about Jonathan Kuminga’s first match, and why James Wiseman deserves some slack in his limited time with the Warriors. Download the full podcast here: Apple: apple.co/3r14pHl Spotify: spoti.fi/30I3bFQ Follow Draymond: twitter.com/Money23Green?s=20 instagram.com/money23green/ Bet with us at FanDuel Sportsbook: fanduel.com/volume …2022-07-15 T02:30:04Z

Green’s comments came before Golden State’s last game in the summer league, where Weizmann scored 14 points, seven rebounds, two assists and one block in 21 minutes.

Wiseman admitted that he heard the message from Green and took it seriously before the match.

“I was like, ‘Oh, P, I have to get 7-10 rebounds,'” Wiseman said. “I can’t take two because I’m 7-1. I have to make sure I’m aggressive there. I can’t pay. …This (green) is Organo Gold, so I definitely have to take that personally.”

Warriors remain optimistic as Weizmann moves forward

The Warriors has been involved in some trade rumors and Wiseman is a key piece Golden State could use to negotiate a deal. However, the Golden State seems happy to see Wiseman healthy and educated.

“Just seeing him there with a smile on his face is great to see,” Assistant General Manager for Warriors Mike Dunleavy Jr. said during an in-game interview. “You can see the talent, the size, the height, the speed. For him, it’s just catching up and learning the game.”

Another interesting piece for warriors is Jonathan Kominga, who hopes he and Wiseman will be Golden State staples for a decade.

“Hopefully we can play this way together for the next 10 or 15 years,” Kominga said. “Just building our chemistry at such a young age, it means a lot.”

The Warriors will play another Summer League game on schedule against the Wizards on July 17.

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