Warriors Rumors: Draymond Green Clown KAT, T-Wolves


Draymond Green reacts during Game 6 of the 2022 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics.

Draymond Green was never one to hide his true feelings, even if his opinion was bound to stir up the feathers. The Golden State Warriors star always speaks his mind, no matter the consequences and no matter who might conflict with feelings.

On Saturday, Karl-Anthony Towns, cornerstone of the Minnesota Timberwolves, was the receiving end of that brutal honesty.

As reported by ClutchPoints via Instagram (embedded below), Towns made a fairly big announcement about his team and their place in the league hierarchy recently, explaining that Wolves are in “championship or bankruptcy” status.

The time has come.” [Rudy Gobert] Trade takes place. There is no more time… I have to go there and get the job done.”

Upon catching Townes’ statement, Green was asked to respond in the strongest possible way.

Green slices in the comments

Green needed no words to convey his feelings in the Towns ad, as he jumped into the thread of comments with little more than a series of tears of joy/laughter to a crying emoji. He’s clearly not hopping on the Minnesota wagon after the big trade.

It’s not hard to blame Green for feeling somehow about the KAT crew either. After all, the Warriors are the defending NBA champions, and even with the three-time Wolves adding DPOY and All-Star to their mix, we’re still talking about a franchise with only two playoff appearances and no series wins since 2004.

So, Towns’ name speaking for the title or bust could appear as disrespectful to someone in Green’s position. There is also a fairly big Gobert factor to consider here.

While there is no theme or player banned on Green, few players have been criticized – fair or unfairly – from Dubs forward like Stifle Tower.

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Green & Gobert have a history

Joubert has found himself in Green’s crossfire several times over the years. Notably, the Warriors star raised a problem with the crying French big man when West coaches overlooked him for his place in the All-Star Game in 2019. These tears seemed to come as a result of Joubert’s mother’s emotional response to his exclusion, but Green took them nonetheless.

“I guess I should cry too…no Charlotte?” Green tweeted In the aftermath of the accident. He continued to refer to Joubert’s crying over the following years.

Recently, Green had a deep reaction when TNT’s Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith mentioned his name In the same Joubert During the broadcast of the 2022 All-Star Game.

“You keep reminding me of the same sentence he mentioned — we’re not alike,” Green said. “We are not anything alike.”

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