Warriors are heading for an inevitable breakup

The Golden State Warriors have dominated the past eight years. After winning four NBA titles and six Western Conference titles since 2015, the Warriors have established themselves as one of the greatest dynasties in the game. While their dominance could realistically continue until Steph Curry begins to wane, the Golden State’s core group is headed toward an inevitable breakup.

With Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins all eligible for contract extensions in the near future, the Warriors will have to go through $400 million in luxury taxes and salary payments in order to retain each of their major players. ESPN analyst and salary cap expert Bobby Marks recently explained why the Warriors are prepared to lose at least one of their players who is eligible for an extension.

“Does the property have Apatite to spend $400 million to keep these players? That would be the important thing here,” Marks said. Brooklyn, but finances will collapse this list, perhaps.”

While Marks added that the property’s willingness to pay upwards of $400 million could save the listing, all indications are to the contrary.

“Joe Lacobe was on the record saying $400 million and $500 million — he said to Tim Kawakami of Athletic, ‘That doesn’t make sense.’ Well, if it didn’t make sense, someone would have to leave, and one wouldn’t be brought back,” Marks said.

Who is the strange man out there?

There is no perfect answer for warriors when it comes to who they should sacrifice. Duo Clay Thompson and Draymond Green have been a perfect partnership alongside Steve Curry for nearly a decade; However, the rise of Jordan Paul and Andrew Wiggins appears to be just as crucial to success now and in the future.

This element of maximizing present and future potential is what warriors seem to value most. Having successfully navigated the near-impossible task of winning a championship without sacrificing youth, the Warriors showed no signs of veering off this path. For that reason, it seems unlikely that the team will part with 23-year-old Jordan Paul, or 27-year-old Andrew Wiggins.

With both players playing major roles in Golden State and presumably best basketball in front of them, refusing to extend Poole or Wiggins would be a no-brainer for all the Warriors it seems. This shifts the focus to Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, the extension-qualified veterans who helped define the breed.

Clay or dry?

With Draymond Green seeking a four-year/$138.4 million max contract extension, which would pay him nearly $35 million in his 37-year season, the Warriors have a tough decision to make. Despite his irreplaceable intangible abilities and defensive prowess, Draymond was drastically reduced at the end of the attack. Putting $138.4 million into Draymond at this point in his career, in addition to his fancy tax payments, is a tough sell.

As for Klay Thompson, the three-point shooter has two years/$83.8 million guaranteed left on his contract. This makes its potential extension the least imminent, as both sides are currently satisfied with this structure. However, if he wanted to see the Warriors keep that core intact for several more years, then the four-time champion should be willing to take a huge discount when his current deal expired.

With no stretching move for Draymond Green, and all indications that Golden State is unwilling to make their maximum, two possibilities remain. Green can seek a similar annual value elsewhere, albeit almost certainly not for the four years he desires, or he can back down from his request for the cap.

While the jury is still out on Klay’s potential desire for an opponent, the current sense around the league is that Draymond will explore outside options to receive the contract he wants, if the Warriors refuse to offer it themselves.

It’s not entirely clear what the Warriors and eligible players for the extension intend to do, but unless something unexpected happens, a breakup is inevitable.

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