Warrior Draymond Green raises controversy by comparison


Draymond Green interacts with a play during a Golden State Warriors match.

Draymond Green is getting some heat for what may be a misguided attempt to show love for the old NBA eras.

The Golden State Warriors star offered a high-tech comparison between the current era of the league and the time of Michael Jordan, trying to argue that all eras should be appreciated in their own way without having to be compared. But Green — who has a history of making controversial comments about former NBA greats — may not have gotten the reaction he intended.

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Greene Says Past NBA Era Like ‘AOL’

The veteran veteran made the comments during a discussion with Kyle Kuzma on an episode of “The Draymond Green Show” in which the two players compared players from different periods of the NBA. While Green believed that today’s players are faster and more athletic than those of the past in the league, he didn’t think that should take anything away from older players.

“I don’t understand why people compare eras, but when they do, I have a question. Do they take into account the difference in patterns?” he said. “Because I’m sitting here watching and appreciating all their greatness. But I’m watching him and I can’t help but say I don’t understand how you can compare us to this team. It’s not that Michael Jordan isn’t great or he’s the greatest or yet you want to split him.”

Green went on to compare today’s game to high-speed Internet and the ancient era of dial-up.

“Do you remember AOL?” Kuzma asked. “Can you compare AOL to today’s high speed internet? Was AOL great when we used it? Is the internet great? Just because [today’s] The great internet doesn’t mean that AOL wasn’t great when it was used, does it? Why in f**k can’t we do that with basketball? ”

Although Green was trying to show appreciation for the players who preceded him in the NBA, not all fans saw him as such a favorite comparison. Many pointed to his example of Jordan, saying that he would have had the same success in any NBA era.

“Michael Jordan Was Playing With High Speed ​​Internet Before AOL Was There,” ONE PERSON chirp In response, Green posted an excerpt from the discussion.

Others think Green wasn’t given enough credit for how hard he played before his era, and how hard he scored in the past.

“Name pg who plays defense like Gary Payton or Ron Harper in this era,” one person replied.

Green Trust in Warriors

This isn’t the first time Green has courted controversy with his analysis of the NBA’s past. In a tweet last month, he claimed that his 2017 NBA title-winning Warriors would have easily defeated Jordan’s last Chicago Bulls team.

“I’m watching 98 Bulls against Utah in the Finals,” Green tweeted. “I can’t help but notice that our 2017 team would have beaten these bulls with dubbing and jazz by 40% if they were going to play these basketball brands. Which is why it’s so stupid to compare. [eras]. ”

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