UM Fall Camp begins after an intensive off-season program

In modern college football, a strength and conditioning coach is just as important in a head coach assignment as any coordinator or coach.

The Strength Trainer helps create the culture the head coach desires in workouts throughout the 12 months of the calendar year. For a college football team, the strength coach is the one who works the most with the players as he trains the team both physically and mentally throughout the year.

The strength coach’s work is intensified during the summer months in particular with the foundation of each college football team’s identity being laid down during that pre-season.

Mario Cristobal I brought in a respected strength coach Aaron Field With him from Oregon and the coach was pleased with the way the team responded and attacked the new program that Field had put in place.

“[We learned] Cristobal said of the Offseason program in Miami that just ended. “Our ability to carry the work and understand the learning systems is rather high. There is a potential for it to grow more and that is exciting for the coach. To understand that you have a group of guys who are willing to work and able to learn and have no problems when you chase them in a positive way with some juice and strength. It’s all for the benefit of the the team “.

Field is pleased with the way the 2022 Miami Hurricanes have embraced his program and training.

“What they’ve done is really special,” Field said of the off-season work Miami provided as a team. “We have a group of guys that bought in right away. They are hungry to learn and I’ve met 100 percent of our kids and every single one of them said something along the lines of how they want to be pushed to a high standard. That makes it really easy.”

Field’s program goes beyond football physical conditioning. Field thinks it’s also important to condition players mentally. He is a believer in the power of neutral thinking.

“For me, it all starts with the mind,” Field said. “We preach neutral thinking, which is neither positive nor negative. We don’t know if positivity works, but we know negativity works and it works 100% of the time. Thinking neutrally goes to the facts. What are the facts and assesses the situation. How do we go forward and what Is the next thing we should do? Being artificial or excited won’t help you make a play…When your guys focus on what they have to do to make a big play, the big play doesn’t seem so big because it’s just part of what we do.”

What kind of team pace is Miami as a whole this year?

“We’re a very fast team,” Field said.

How does this Miami team compare in terms of speed to the other teams he has been a part of?

“Very fast,” Field said.

tight end Will Mallory Field’s strength program tested from a rehab perspective this off-season as he recovered from an off-season lip surgery. Mallory marvels at how quickly he will recover from the procedure.

“It brings a lot of energy and juice, but also a lot of wisdom,” Mallory said. “There is meaning and study behind so much of what they do. Their scheme works and they believe deeply and so do we. Working with them is so much fun.”

defensive end Jafri Harvey He improved his clean strength year after year from 315 pounds to 345 pounds after participating in the Feld program.

“It pushes us to work as hard as we can every day,” Harvey said. “He won’t let you do half of anything. As long as you do your best, he raises us to a higher level. I feel it makes us better.”

Field is best known for his distinctive leash mustache, but he is also a highly respected strength trainer. During his tenure in Oregon, Field Cristobal has helped transform the Ducks into a stronger and larger team that is also characterized by speed.

Prior to working in Oregon, Field worked as the Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning in Georgia. Prior to his time at UGA, Field was the strength coach of North Alabama for all of their athletic programs.

Field and Cristobal crossed in Alabama in 2013-2014 when Cristobal was the offensive line coach and Field worked as a volunteer strength coach. The two didn’t have their first conversation until Field interviewed Cristobal for an Oregon job. Since then, the relationship has grown and the two have worked well together in the player development phase of the football programme.

And now Miami has the most advanced and advanced strength and conditioning program in program history.

“We train traits,” Field said. “Everything we do is tailored to make you a better soccer player. I’m not a soccer coach. I don’t teach guys to hit or block or tackle or whatever. You look at the moves on the soccer field and you break them. What attributes do you need? You need Until you have great strength, chest, and a tight core, and you transfer that power from your hips to your hands. We train those qualities.”

Read on for more news and notes from Friday’s UM practice.

News & Notes

– VIP LINK: Notes from Friday’s practice.

Mario Cristobal Summing up the first day of fall camp: “The first day we worked hard, we worked hard and it showed a lot. Some guys get ahead more than others, but competition makes everyone better. The pace of our practice for the first day has been steady, but it will increase. Our cadence will improve in the way we perform. We demand it and we get it most of the time, but of course on day one it’s not where it should be. I like the kind of attitude we’re showing. You can push this team and you can push these coaches.”

What is Cristobal looking for on the first day of camp? “It has to be all in full throttle,” Cristobal said. “How you finish the play has to be at full power. If it’s a run, there shouldn’t be a ball on the floor. The way we do things rather than the outcome of that period or play is really important.”

Miami had two mobile ‘cold zone’ outside the indoor training facility as a way to recover by lowering the players’ core body temperature after exercise. Mobile devices were cooled to a temperature of 20 degrees. “It has nothing to do with recovery,” Cristóbal said. “The way we exercise is a different level. There are times after training where you want to lower your core temperature. It is really good in helping our guys recover and the way we train, every ounce of recovery and every advantage we can gain, we will. It’s easy to be rough with someone else’s body. Work hard, train hard, turn off the lights, and when it’s time to shut down and cool down the engines, do it as well.”

– In the official 2022 list, there are no players in the No. 1 or No. 26 jersey. Cristobal wants these numbers in Miami. “You have to win first place,” Cristobal said. “I think some men have asked for it, but if you’re going to wear that, you better be the worst sons of guns on the planet. I think we have men who can work themselves out there and if someone gets to that point, maybe that’s a consideration. Number 26 One person asked for it and I felt it wasn’t quite the standard to wear this number the way it should be worn.” Previous UM the great Sean Taylor He made the number 26 jersey special during his playing days in the early 2000s.

– QB Tyler Van Dyke On the first day of training: “It was the first day out today, so there was some rust. There were some good times and bad times. I feel like it was a decent day. There are still some things to improve on our side of the ball. I thought the defense had a good day today. “.

– Van Dyck on recipients who need to get up during fall camp so that reliable options emerge: “We have to push them. We have to find who these guys are going to be. We have a lot of players who can do that, but we don’t know who they will be yet. I’m excited to find out.” Who would it be… We have a group of guys who can do this, but it’s about knowing your plays and knowing your responsibilities and how to form your ranks. You have to have every little detail to know what to do.”

– The Will Mallory Excited about growing from Elijah Brooke this year. “It’s a natural talent,” Mallory said. “Most importantly, he is just as a person. He is a great guy and a great fellow. Since he came in as a freshman at the age of 17, he has had a different mindset compared to most freshmen and he has only improved. He is a leader in the room too. He helps young people and sets an example.” I am fortunate to be a teammate and he is a rare talent.”

– JUCO . Wide Receiver Transmission Colby Young Van Dyck was impressed. “He’s a great eccentric athlete with great ball skills,” Van Dijk said of the passing striker. “He can move, too.”

– From Jafri Harvey Embraces the competition for the playing time that transfer additions bring to his group’s defense line. “It’s really fun to get out there and compete,” Harvey said. “You don’t even really think about it. Everyone is competing and everyone is one hundred percent. You have to go.”

– OL John Campbell Play left interference on Friday with Zion Nelson He is still rehabilitating on his way back from a knee injury. Harvey praised Campbell for his play. “It looked really good there,” Harvey said. “Coach Mirabal is doing a great job with these guys. I think they will be strong this year.”

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