Two golfers score a hole in one at the Stars and Stripes Scramble in Lumeira

Ian Stawicki wasn’t supposed to be playing golf on Tuesday.

But his boss at Classic Lanes in Greenfield texted him on Monday to see if he wanted to play in the Stars and Stripes Scramble at The Golf Club in Lumeira. With the bowling alley closed this week, the 40-year-old Stawicki was around.

Sammy Williams, 27, was participating for the third year in a row in the event benefiting local veterans. The physical therapist was one of the first to take off in thirteenth place.

By the end of the rounds, the two golf-loving odds will be tied together by odd strokes of pot with the first holes in one popping up on the same day at the same event on the same hole.

Ace Williams came in on the lucky 13, using a 9 iron from a front tee at 114 yards.

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