Trade Candidates Series: Can Clippers Catch Another Raptors Star?

As the first installment of the “Candidate Trading Series” explained, we’ll take a look at a few conceivable rollover-eligible players for the Los Angeles Clippers as trading options. Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green was the first, but we didn’t finish at all here.

Who are you going to take next year? Toronto Raptors coach Nick Norse joked during his pre-game media session before a game in Los Angeles against the Clippers on March 16.

The nurse was clearly talking in jest, but it’s probably a valid question at this point. Back in 2019, the Clippers signed Kawhi Leonard away from the Raptors. A year later, Clippers Serge Ibaka signed a mid-level exception. Last season, they traded Norman Powell.

While Powell wasn’t with the Raptors at the time the Clippers moved for him, he’s someone the Raptors have had on their list recently. But he also might not be the last Raptor (or former Raptor) to join the Clippers.

Toronto star Pascal Siakam is set to extend his off-season contract. Secam is under contract for another two years – the upcoming 2022-23 season and 2023-24 season. Sicam, 28, owed $35.4 million and $37.9 million, respectively, in the last two years of the deal.

By the time the extension for Siakam begins, he will be 30 years old. Siakam averaged 22.8 points, 8.5 rebounds, 5.3 assists and 1.3 steals last season. The last three classes were his career highest for him. Siakam also shot 49.4% from the field, including 34.4% in 3s.

When Siakam signed his original contract extension with the Raptors in October 2019, he happened to have a designated Rookie Extension in the deal that would result in up to 30% of his cap if he earns an All-NBA distinction during the 2019-20 season. And because he’d get lucky at Siakam, he made the second All-NBA team that year. As a result, his deal stabilized in four years, $137 million.

Now, Siakam is scheduled for another extension. The date on which he will be eligible is any time between October 1 and the last day before the start of the 2022-23 season. According to Yossi Gozlan of HoopsHype, Siakam is eligible for a maximum extension of three years, $139 million.

Could Pascal Siakam and Norman Powell, his 305-game teammates in Toronto, meet in Los Angeles?
Photo by Adam Pantozi/NBAE via Getty Images

Siakam is an interesting case because he can achieve the title of “supermax” – also known as a designated veteran player supplement – if no Sign the extension immediately.

The 28-year-old is about to enter his seventh season in the league, and this is perhaps the most significant season in terms of the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement. Only players who have been in the league for at least seven years and are still with their original team can reach the supermax level, but only if they meet one of the following criteria besides it:

  1. Create an All-NBA team in the previous season to extend the signature
  2. Make an All-NBA team in two of the previous three seasons
  3. Won an NBA MVP in any of the previous three seasons
  4. Won the NBA DPOY in the last season -or- Two of the past three seasons

As for Siakam, he’s still with the team he was originally on (Toronto). He is about to enter his seventh year in the league, so he will be eligible for a Supermax should He made an All-NBA team or won MVP in 2022-23. It makes a really tough situation for the Raptors and him, if we’re being honest.

Siakam likely won’t sign an extension with the Raptors that’s unsuitable just because it makes more financial sense for him to bet on himself and see where he can lead. This is, of course, if the supermax designation is important to him. But it could also be something Toronto might try to avoid.

Since the NBA put the supermax language in the CBA, we’ve seen a few scenarios sneak up on players who were soon eligible for this type of extension. It immediately comes to mind that Sacramento Kings traded DeMarcus Cousins ​​just two months before Cousins ​​was able to sign that deal. Months before Anthony Davis signed a Supermax deal with the New Orleans Pelicans, he requested a deal. He ended up with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard was eligible for a Supermax extension with the San Antonio Spurs in 2018 before eventually asking to be traded, so this isn’t a very rare event to happen across the league. Just because Supermax might be in your future, it doesn’t mean you (a) want it who – which or (b) this team wants to give it to him You are.

The 2019 NBA Finals - Toronto Raptors vs Golden State Warriors

Kawhi Leonard and Pascal Siakam won a title together in Toronto. Will the Los Angeles Clippers’ revival result?
Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

It all brings us back to Pascal Siakam and what a superfast extension could mean for the Raptors – that is, of course, if they deem it wise to give it to him.

As mentioned before, he will be in his 30s by the time he starts extending any of his kicks. For a team like the Raptors, do they want to let the caddy go on the road another year when Siakam, through stellar play, can propel himself into the Super Max range?

Obviously, the Raptors will benefit from this season on the ground, but they will also have to bombard it moving forward. Goalkeeper Fred Vanfleet is also eligible for an extension and holds a player option for the 2023-24 season. If VanVleet cancels the subscription, plenty of suitors will line up, especially with at least 11 teams out next season with at least $20 million in career cover space.

What VanVleet decides could ultimately affect Siakam’s future, too. Leaving VanVleet will put the Raptors in a worse place than they are now, and Siakam could find himself on his way out in a trading market that could see another team sign him for a contract extension – but not supermax since, as previously mentioned, that’s only available through The original team of the player.

VanVleet has been eligible for an extension since July 8, but there is no word yet on when – or if – VanVleet will sign this deal.

Athletic Eric Koren noted in a recent article that signing VanVleet and Siakam on extensions this season may not come as a knockout for the Raptors.

However, given the financial realities of the NBA, both VanVleet and Siakam will have some logic on their side if they decide to pay their next paycheck well in the future.

If the Raptors decide that maximizing the value of the trade in relation to Siakam is the best idea, and that may be the case because any team that acquires it will have two guaranteed Siakam years before the rollover starts, they can get a very solid amount of forward talent.

As far as the Clippers are concerned, will LA have enough in a potential business deal for Seacam? Frankly, it is very difficult to say. Siakam fits into the team’s championship window much better than he does in Toronto at this point, so having him would be a huge boon to the Clippers’ title prospects in current and future seasons.

The best way for the Clippers to get Siakam would be if Siakam himself wanted to get out of the Clippers and listed him as a favorite, if he felt the Raptors wouldn’t give him a potential Supermax deal in the future. The Clippers can’t offer him the Super Max, but they’ll probably be more comfortable shelling out the maximum extension — which, as of this moment, is three years, $139 million — no matter what that number is in the future.

Toronto Raptors vs Los Angeles Clippers

This Pascal Siakam Toy will fit seamlessly in with both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.
Photo by Adam Pantozi/NBAE via Getty Images

The Clippers have commercial assets that could interest a team like the Raptors, as promising players like Terrance Mann and Brandon Boston Jr., as well as the 2028 first-round pick and even the right to trade in 2029.

However, there is no real main address that the Siakam package would require. Luke Kennard and Marcus Morris Sr. , although they are two cooperative offensive players, they’re not enough, even with Mann, Boston, first unprotected and a selective swap thrown over her.

If you’re a Clippers family and you’re interested in acquiring Siakam, you’re probably hoping he’ll pass an extension with the Raptors this season and head into the 2023-24 season as an unrestricted, suspended free agent. Players on expired deals often don’t get the same amount of team sale as players with extra years—like the Dejounte Murray trade deal for the San Antonio Spurs for a Jerami Grant bonus at the Detroit Pistons.

With Murray, he has two years left on his deal and is eligible for an extension with the Atlanta Hawks now. Spurs received three first-round picks – the 2023 protected top 16 and the Charlotte Hornets first, as well as their first 2025 and 2027 playoffs from the unprotected Atlanta – and a selection swap.

In Grant’s case, he is a suspended unrestricted free agent. It qualifies for extensions with the Portland Trail Blazers, too. But the Pistons received a Top 4 in the 2025 Milwaukee Bucks, plus two picks in the second round. Picking Bucks, assuming Giannis Antitokonmo was still what it currently is, wouldn’t be very valuable.

Spurs hit while the irons were hot, and thanks to Murray’s extra year of control, San Antonio has garnered a significant amount of importance to him. The pistons, on the other hand, waited and the hot stove cooled, leading them to take a lower bargain now than they could have gotten not so long ago.

It would be in the Clippers’ best interest for Siakam to go into the final year of his current contract with an unresolved situation. Will he do that? It appears that this will be the case. This could make him someone the team has a chance to gain in the not-too-distant future.

If Clippers Nab Siakam of The Great White North were to team up with Kawhi Leonard, Nick Nurse would have experienced another useful player leaving for sunny pastures.

This is no joke.

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