Texas has 247Sports No. 5 recruiting class and is looking for more

Texas has the No. 5 recruiting class in the country after getting a big pledge from Top247 linebacker darrion throatHead-to-head win against Texas A&M on the road.

Ohio State and Oklahoma were other contenders for the explosive Gullette, who is one of the best two-way players in the country. He did 125 tackles, three bags and three fumbles as a junior in Tig (Texas) high with 1,430 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns.

Will star on D in Austin. Gullette has the unique blast of a level 2 cannon, has a fluid directional change ability and is powerful. I think there are a lot of upsides with him to be a physical player at the point of attack, but with the combination of his pace and pace, he can be a space eater as well. He can play between tackles but also be an edge factor with the ability to rush in long-range passes. He is an athlete by nature who can clearly catch up with football.

Gullette adheres to number 21 for Steve Sarkissian and his staff but they are not finished. Not even close. This is a program to watch many people stepping forward.

I Still Love Texas for Championship #2 in Top247 Cedric Baxter Jr. Going to his decision on August 10. One of the key players in the country regardless of his position, Baxter ran and hit his way to 1,718 yards and 26 touchdowns when he was young.

Top247 Back Corner Jordan Matthews It will come off the board on August 15th with Brandon Harris And the Terry Joseph And all of their Louisiana collaborations are with those of the Burnt Orange team. Tennessee and Michigan competed in the finals there. Vols’ depth chart might be tempting but the Texans are looking for more high school team builders as well and were near the top of Operation Matthews.

The Longhorns in battle with Alabama for the Top247 receiver Galen Hill Which will be officially to Tuscaloosa on September 3 before returning to Austin on September 10 for the match against Crimson Tide. There is a battle between two teams.

The higher end narrow nation Dossie Robinson He will also take charge of the Alabama game where Texas competes with USC, Alabama, Georgia and Oregon on his behalf.

Top247 Defensive Back Gavian Tofano He’s still in Texas and can play Cornerback or Security. LSU and Michigan are in the middle of that, too.

Another cool bi-directional feature that Texans love as a future in Michael Harrison Pilot on the board. Long horns seemed like a hard hit at one point.

Ripper Edge No. 4 in Top247 Inch Achan’s help It is a major main objective. Texas is one of the first there with the likes of LSU and Oklahoma.

Texas swings by in five-star pass Damon Wilson A four-star defensive lineman Brian Shelby He still communicates though I like USC going in on his decision on Saturday.

Sarkissian & Co. signed to the top five pre-cycle scores. In my opinion, it was highlighted by the wonderful recruiting around the line of scrimmage. They followed that up with a good distance in 2023 at the point of attack and the La Goulette will be another force in the field.

From an individual’s point of view, this is a list that comes together for Texas. You obviously have elite quarterback recruiting Queen Ewers From the gate and four stars owner murphy In 2022 and the number 1 recruit in the country arc manning In this class. I heard Bill Polian speak last week at a staff seminar in Nashville and tell more than 300 college football staff that it all starts under the center. I’m not sure the software stores their room better than Texas, Ohio and Alabama at the moment. The average weight of the 11 attack airlines recruited over the past two cycles is 314 lbs. The Longhorns will be huge up front and I don’t know if the two-cycle transfer would be better anywhere else. Clearly withdrawing Baxter gives the program the clear successor to it Sesame Robinson. Tons of Speed ​​were recruited extensively and in secondary. After every major commitment in Texas I repeat the same, Arrow is in Texas with elite recruits in all major locations as they build a roster that can play in the rugged SEC.

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