Stephen Curry looks off to Mike James’ disrespectful comments


Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

Being at the top of the NBA puts a goal on your back, and no one understands that better than the Golden State Warriors. With success comes the criticism, and seeing that the Warriors have won four of the last eight championships, they get a lot of those two things.

The Golden State’s three primary players – Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green – have been subjected to this criticism for most of their careers. Despite being one of the greatest synonyms ever, people still find reasons to doubt them.

Recently, Mike James, a former Brooklyn Nets guard, made waves in the media for his comments about Curry. On the Player choice Podcast, James was discussing a conversation he had with his former teammate Kevin Durant, detailing the top players in the league. When it comes to Cary, James had strong words.

“Steve, like the way he plays and how he gets to things, he’s kind of a one dimensional sometimes if that makes sense… He’s not the primary ball handler that much, and for a goalkeeper, that kind of tightness bothers me,” James said.

This did not sit well with most Warriors fans. And based on a recent video posted to Twitter, he didn’t get on well with Carrie either.

Carrie responds to ‘one-dimensional’ comments

During Curry’s annual camp, the Warriors star was asked about singles play with the camp. He said they didn’t stand a chance, but they made a sarcastic comment referring to the idea that he’s a one-dimensional player.

It’s all bad for them. It’s all bad for them. Even if you’re one-dimensional like me. I’m sorry, I’m petty. I’m so petty. I’m so petty. I let it go on. So there, though, ” Kari said.

The guard couldn’t stop laughing as he joked about James’ comments. His four championships give him some breathing room when it comes to cash, and after winning the elusive Finals Player of the Year award this past season, he really has nothing else left to accomplish.

As for James, he has only two years experience in the NBA with 49 games. In those games, he averaged 8.9 points, 2.5 rebounds and 3.7 assists in shooting 38.0% from the field and 28.7% in shooting from a three-point range.

James doesn’t seem to get enough when it comes to criticizing Carrey, although this wasn’t the first time he’s insulted the Warriors star.

James looks down on Carrie on Twitter

About a year ago, James got into it with a fan on Twitter, with the two arguing about who deserves to be on the list of “most skilled scorers” – Carrie or Kyrie Irving. James claimed that the only thing Carrey does better than Irving is filming.

“Kerry is more skilled than Steve. Steve just shoots better. It’s all in Kerry’s wise skills. But whatever you say Fam,” James tweeted.

The reaction went viral a little at the time because Durant liked the tweet. But then again, Curry’s four titles and two Most Valuable Player awards mean he doesn’t have much to argue about. And from his constant pettiness, he seems to take criticism lightly, which is fun.

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