NASCAR driver Michael Jordan Bubba Wallace reveals how close he is to becoming an NBA player

Bubba Wallace almost chose a completely different career path! Although Wallace struggled most of the season. Things are finally going his way, and he’s doing better than ever. In fact, in the last 3 races, Wallace hasn’t finished below the top 10. So, naturally, it’s hard to imagine that he’s part of an entirely different sports community. However, a recent reveal revealed that Bubba has almost become a basketball player!

If things were different, Bubba would likely play for the Jordan basketball team rather than lead for his NASCAR team.

In a pre-race interview at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Wallace revealed that he’s on a completely different path.


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106.7 asked WTLC contributor, Karen Vaughn, Bubba Wallace, “Was there another sport you wanted to practice before the race? Or one you really participated in and tried your hand at?”

Boba responded by throwing the bomb and declaring that he wanted to follow in his sister’s footsteps!

“I guess I was following in my sister’s footsteps, to be honest with you. She was a basketball player.”

“I was five, I started playing basketball. I played a few things in the league. And then, seven and eight, I was playing AAU travel ball.”


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But he admitted it wasn’t his forte, yet he was going to follow this path.I was by no means the best, but I felt like this was the path I was going to go.”

So, what has changed?

What made Bubba Wallace want to race?

Wallace was ready to go to the NBA and play basketball professionally. However, he is now the Cup Series driver for 23XI Racing. So, what is the reason for that?

RICHMOND, VA – APRIL 3: Bubba Wallace, driver of the 23rd Dr. Pepper Toyota, waves to fans on stage during driver introductions ahead of the NASCAR Cup Series for Toyota 400 owners at Richmond Raceway on April 3, 2022 in Richmond, Virginia. (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)

Well, like most drivers, Wallace got his start on Go Karts. Thankfully, in an exclusive interview with Jamie Broadnax of Black Girl Nerds, the 23XI Racing drivers answered the question.

“I started when I was about nine racecars. My dad bought a Harley Davidson, and the guy who fixed it for him raced it karting and invited us to go out and watch it. We were sitting in the stands, and we just got stuck sitting there watching, so we went out and got a go-kart. The following weekend we started racing.”


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Finally, it’s great to see him racing. But we can’t overlook the coincidence that Bubba chose a different path by Michael Jordan, however, he’s racing for it.

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