Los Angeles Lakers news report: Shaquille O’Neal slams HBO’s Winning Time, ex-NBA champion says Showtime Lakers will dominate NBA today, more

Los Angeles Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal is the latest to rip HBO’s Winning Time for his portrayal of “The Logo,” Jerry West. Shaq found West’s portrayal in the documentary “despicable.”

Kyle Kuzma, on the Draymond Green Show, confirmed that the Showtime Lakers will absolutely dominate today’s NBA afternoon. Kuzma specifically mentioned Magic Johnson, the heart of this team, as a do-it-all star.

Kendrick Nunn’s expected return to the Los Angeles Lakers next season is on schedule, but he’s not cleared for 5v5. Nunn may be a neglected piece next season as Tinseltown looks to redeem itself from a humiliating campaign.

Here are the latest headlines related to the Los Angeles Lakers as of August 6, 2022:

Shaquille O’Neal criticizes the way Jerry West was portrayed in HBO’s ‘Winning Time’

Shaquille found O & # 039;  Neil interpreted HBO's Jerry West as ";  despicable.  & quot; [Photo: Basketball Network]
Shaquille O’Neal found HBO’s Jerry West interpretation “despicable.” [Photo: Basketball Network]

The explosion on HBO has not abated since its “Winning Time” release last March. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar didn’t say a word about blasting the show in a thought-provoking piece on Substack. he wrote:

“Jerry Boss is an addictive businessman, Jerry West is a crazy coach, and Magic Johnson is a Sexual Simpleton, I’m Bombus Break. They are cartoons, not characters.

“Amusement park images that emphasize one physical feature to amplify your appearance – but never touch the substance.”

The Boldness of Jerry Boss, Magic Johnson’s Smile, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Solitude, HBO Series “Winning Time” about Tweet embedThe Showtime Era corrects a few things, but it gets one thing very wrong, it breaks up with Jerry West, Tweet embed writes .lat.ms/3vz4Wko

Shaquille O’Neal made less harsh comments, and kept his punches at the portrayal of Jerry West via USA Today:

“That was before my time, but portraying Jerry West was despicable. He’s not that guy. Jerry West was a good general manager, and he always did it well.”

“All the other things I thought were great. As a fan and a TV-watcher, the cinematography and the work were great. It was very well shot. But not in the way they treated Mr. West.”

Jerry West threatened to bring the Supreme Court to the scene and demanded an apology from HBO. Meanwhile, the company defended the film.

Kyle Kuzma thinks Showtime Lakers will be dominant in the NBA today

Kyle Kuzma confirms that the Showtime Lakers will dominate the NBA today. [Photo: NBA.com]
Kyle Kuzma confirms that the Showtime Lakers will dominate the NBA today. [Photo: NBA.com]

Former Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma is a schoolboy in the game. He has a pretty good opinion of how teams and players should show their things back in the days.

On “The Draymond Green Show,” Kuzma agreed with the Golden State Warriors striker that it was difficult to compare teams from different eras. However, Showtime was certain that the Los Angeles Lakers with Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would be dominant in the NBA today. Kuzma said:

“I think the Showtime Lakers, they’re going to dominate this era. I was watching Magic in the ’80s, just highlights like earlier in the summer.

“People don’t realize he was as fast as he did. He was as fast as he got the rebound, on the court and three dribbles and that’s the NBA now.”

Kuzma’s confirmation was interesting because it came in front of Green, who made some big claims recently. Dry confirmed that the 2017 Golden State Warriors will defeat Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls.

I’m watching 98 Bulls vs Utah in the Finals…I can’t help but notice that our 2017 team would have beaten these bulls with dubbing and jazz by 40 if they were going to play these basketball brands. Which is why it’s so stupid to compare Era’s

96 bulls. 98 bulls. I stand it!

Kendrick Noon still has another hurdle to overcome before he begins his training camp with the Los Angeles Lakers

Kendrick Nunn does not yet have permission to play 5-on5. [Photo: Silver Screen and Roll]
Kendrick Nunn does not yet have permission to play 5-on5. [Photo: Silver Screen and Roll]

The Los Angeles Lakers took a chance on Kendrick Noone when he was sidelined with a knee injury and signed him to a two-year deal. He missed the entirety of last season but is expected to be part of the Lakers’ rotation next season.

Noon provided a glimmer of hope for Laker Nation when he revealed he was on his way to being ready when bootcamp began. The trajectory is positive and he will be looking to be healthy by next season, but things could falter with injuries.

Yovan Buha, the Los Angeles Lakers reporter for Athletic Club, pointed out one important fact that may have relevance in the future:

“Nunnn recently spoke with Spectrum SportsNet about his health and said he feels 100 percent. He has been training with the Lakers’ youth — Reeves, Johnson, Wayne Gabriel, Tallinn Horton Tucker and Mason Jones — during practice Monday through Thursday.”

Boha added:

“He hasn’t resumed playing five against five yet, which is the next big hurdle. It looks like he should be ready to start training camp, but recovery isn’t always linear.”

Poha also noted the important role Noon could play next season, especially if Russell Westbrook is traded.

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