Jonathan Huberdeau signed in Calgary; Denis Botvin missed the bus

Folks, unfortunately there is not much in the field of information. It’s August 6, twenty-four days after the opening of the 2022-23 NHL calendar year, and the New Yorkers have yet to announce the signing of an NHL player.

In my heart my heart, I thought yesterday would be today. This crop of managing islanders are not averse to throwing out the news late on Fridays (especially on a weird Friday summer weekend), and they have a funny knack for dropping news at times that are inconvenient for me. But yesterday they saved me. Maybe today is the day

Ah, who am I kidding? We don’t find out about that day or this month at all.

Island residents news

  • The team site delves into the prowess of Frans Nielsen in the penalty shootout. But I must say it’s called the Danish backhand of judgmentpenned by our Dom. [Islanders]
  • I keep forgetting that the world’s youth will be in August this year instead of Christmas and New Years. But Aatu Räty is number one in Finland and has gotten off to a hot start, albeit in show games.
  • Stan Fischler recalls the story of Dennis Botvin falling asleep and losing the team bus to Philadelphia. Botvin called it his turning point. [Maven’s Memories]
  • August 1 in Islands History: The Islanders beat the Florida Panthers, 2-1, in Game 1 of the Playoff Series (2020).

  • Do you own a bar or have a favorite watering hole? Do you want to be affiliated with the islanders? The team accepts applications to be part of the Isles Nation bar network. [Islanders]

in another place

  • Jonathan Huberdeau shocked us by extending his new squad, Calgary Flames, even though he hasn’t played for them yet. He signed an eight-year deal with AAV worth $10.5 million beginning in the 23-24 season. One big possibility next summer’s UFA is off the plate. [NHL]
  • Recently extended Andrew Mangyapan says his new team at Flames will compete for the Pacific Division title. [NHL]
  • It’s been a while since the player and the team came to arbitration, but Yakov Trenin won his case before the arbitrator and was awarded the two-year contract that he sought. [Sportsnet]
  • From the Schadenfraude division, John Tavares swears this time it will be different than the Toronto Maple Leafs. [NHL]

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