John Daly won’t be on the LIV tour, but that’s not for lack of trying

John Daly
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Before Thursday gets worse, ask yourself if you’re really surprised that the self-indulgent hiker, who was the inspiration for Roy McAvoy’s story if Tin Cup 2 happened, would be a pro-Saudi tour. John Daly sets up headquarters in Hooters near Augusta every April, will sign anything from a cocktail napkin to a love handle at the right price, smoke hundreds of cheap stuff during tournaments, and his odds of being interested in the source of money have always been long.

As long as he not only tried to join the Saudi royal family’s vanity project, he “begged Greg Norman” to let him be a member. In an interview day Piers Morgan Uncensoredwhich should have alerted unwary fans of where the conversation was going, the cautionary walking story showed less awareness than even the pros who had already sworn the blood oath.

“I begged Greg Norman to let me go on the LIV Tour. You know, we’re working really hard. I played with Brian Harman on the training tour and some of the other guys on the training rounds at the British Open, and it’s like we’re playing with a professional team. We’ve got It’s, OK? That’s the backbone of a lot of our heroics.But, as Brian Harman says, “give us a box of chocolates for the effort.”

John, the precarious state of your money that drove you to tour the states via Winnebago is the product of your own business. Nobody is forcing you to be seriously self-destructive – hence the “self” part of the term.

The stinging sermon didn’t end though. Daly had more grievances.

“We do tent visits. We do this, we do that. I play 2-3 pro players each week in the Champions Tour and you know we don’t play for a lot of money in the Champions Tour. So I feel like I’m fine, I’m not getting much use out of this. What do we do?’

“We have to get compensated for that. The LIV tour gives the players that. They play the pros, it’s a big party and they play for a lot of money. Those guys who are on that tour deserve that money. I think there are a lot of other guys that are worth that money, Especially this old man.”

Dali deserves everything he has and hasn’t received in his life, so save me the crying story.

He went on to say that the crown prince is a “great man” because he “gave a lot of money to golfers who deserve it.” At least he is honest, I think. The host and guest did not talk about the morals of the LIV Tour other than presenting a bunch of things related to the PGA Tour.

The only redeemable thing Daly said was a plea to let him “go to the entertainment and get all my friends to do concerts and stuff” for LIV events. Whatever awful country music he’s undoubtedly referring to is not the redeemable part I was referring to. I want it to be actual entertainment. Give him some money that the tiger refused, and turned him into the clown of the tour.

Isn’t that what it is now for PGA? He shows up in brightly colored clothes, makes fun of himself and the game, provides early strength because it doesn’t matter late, and everyone forgets about him until he pulls out to the next event and falls off his RV with a flurry of blanks.

The Saudis did not reject him because he was “too old,” as Daly claimed Norman told him. They don’t want him because they’re trying to be a vital PGA contender, and if they start signing up for side business and turn more into publicity stunts, the legitimacy they’re after erodes.

The Saudis want golfers, not caricatures of golfers. But maybe the next time a prince needs a clown for a birthday party, he’ll call Dali.

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