How Steve Curry and Draymond Green Sold Donte DiVincenzo on Warriors

LAS VEGAS – When news broke that All-Star striker Kevin Durant wanted out of Brooklyn just hours before the NBA’s free agency period began, it sent shockwaves through the league that halted transactions for nearly every player looking for a new home, including Donte DiVincenzo.

“Everything was different for me,” the newly signed Golden State Warriors guard said Saturday. “You hear one thing, and then the next thing you know you hear something else. So it was a bit stressful for me, just balancing my options, weighing different things.”

Prior to free agency, DiVincenzo tapped the minds of his former Villanova teammates Eric Paschal and Omari Spielman – both who happened to be Warriors’ rotating players one day – to get a better sense of what the organization was all about. The culture they described was familiar, and reminded him of what he experienced in college and during his first four seasons in the NBA with the Bucks.

DiVincenzo loved the unselfish nature of the Warriors, how a team of three Hall of Fame players wasn’t afraid to put off the role of players like Jordan Poole or Otto Porter Jr. if it is necessary. He knew that being around players with that kind of mindset could help unlock another level in his game.

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