Football kicks off at Auburn Training Camp 2022


Written by: Jeff Shearer

Auburn coach Brian Harsin

Auburn, Ala – Auburn kicked off pre-season practice Friday with veterans working in the morning and newcomers in the evening, 29 days before Tigers host Mercer on Sept.

“What we do in training camp is going to be very important to our success for the rest of the season,” said the Year Two coach. Written by Brian Harriswith Auburn’s daily schedule beginning at 6 a.m. and ending with a 10:45 p.m. curfew.

“The beauty of playing is that you can settle the score in the ring,” Harsin said. “All this work that we’ve been doing, and what our guys have been doing since January, it’s all going to come together and hopefully it shows on September 3rd.”

Auburn’s coordinators are new to their roles, but not new to Auburn or Harsin, with the defensive coordinator Jeff Schmieding and offensive coordinator Eric Kiso Earn promotions after serving as coaches last season.

Schmieding, who coached the Auburn midfielders in 2021, said: “We’re talking about competition. The guys have to earn it every day. We don’t want to seek comfort in our past. You have to show that you’re ready to work.”

“I’m excited about where we are and where we are going,” said Kiesau, who coached Auburn receivers last season. “When you walk in the field, you’re competing because camp is short. We don’t have time to loosen up.”

After the first practice on Friday, four veteran players spoke to reporters, with a reception for the fifth year Cedric Jackson Describing his leadership role.

“I am grateful for that, and I love it,” said Jackson, the lead receiver at Auburn with 50 professional catches for 657 yards.

offensive line Austin Troxell It returns for its sixth season after starting the intervention in 2021.

“We are building something special here and I wanted to be a part of it,” Troxell said. “We are a confident group. We have a lot of depth. There are a lot of things we need to work on. We are building the camaraderie of unity and will get better every day.”

back Owen Babu He is back for his first season after sustaining a sharp injury from five matches last year.

“It has given me a new appreciation for the game and it makes me want to put in more effort than ever,” said Babu, captain in 2021. I feel different this year.”

“I feel like this team can go far and do a lot,” said the junior defensive line Colby Wooden, who plans to graduate in December. “We owe it to Auburn. I want to go out with a bang.”

While Auburn returns many freshmen, Harsin explained that each position features competition.

“I’m proud of our guys for the work they did,” Harsin said. “I am excited about this group. We have a lot of work to do, a lot of things to prove. Everyone in this team will help us win.

“All these guys have been going through this for three, four or five years, there is a reason why they are successful when they leave here. They are not afraid to stray, they know how to work and they can push themselves.”

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