Early Rumors From Crimson Tide Fall Camp

Welcome to the latest news of being a football fan in Alabama. Until the first match, there will be more complete information about some of the Crimson Tide opponents than there will be available about Nick Saban’s team.

Prior to COVID, access was limited to journalists. COVID lockdown of no media and watching practice has become the new norm. For a team seeking a different result than last season’s, perhaps reaching the bottom line is justified. But that doesn’t mean Alabama football fans should like it.

What we provide are images, video excerpts, and a limited number of words by Nick Saban and selected players, whose feedback is well rehearsed. And of course, a pre-season opportunity to hear from Tide’s offensive and defensive coordinators. Their texts are also carefully packaged.

Nick Saban is justified in such strict control of information because he is a goat. But that doesn’t mean we have to love her. In fairness to Saban, Barrett Sallee is right to tweet below.

What fills the void of this meager access is assumption and rumour. It is ironic that a man who is so careful to avoid assumptions contributes to so much guesswork on the part of others.

So be it – let’s discuss what we hear, and we have at least some degree of plausibility.

Alabama Football Camp Rumors

  • Tyler Steen will have to beat Kendall Randolph to win the starting left-hand slot. No offense to Randolph who deserves to be commended for his efforts and results over several seasons, but if Sixty doesn’t jump past Randolph quickly, Tide fans will be worried.
  • Cam Lato has an undisclosed injury that Nick Saban doesn’t want to discuss. Camp time is expected but not the action game. Does secrecy about the injury suggest it could be worse? Theoretically, the answer is yes and no.
  • Eli Rex may or may not live up to all American expectations – because he may or may not learn Tide’s defensive system quickly.
  • The novice Crimson Tide streaker’s admission of his difficulty covering it is a good thing.
  • Roedel Williams may be the RB2.
  • For a young man who was previously very old, Jaheim Oatis moves well.

In the “What We Know Because Nick Saban Told Us” category – DeMarcco Hellams and Ja’Corey Brooks have fully recovered from previous injuries.

We know this,

A rumor often recurs about last season being the offensive line coach, Doug Marron wasn’t involved enough. Many football fans in Alabama are 100% sure the claim is true.

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