Draymond Green receives an amazing honor this season


Golden State Warriors Draymond Green #23 speaks to the media

Draymond Green is no stranger to winning awards or honors in the sport of basketball. In his 10-year NBA career, the forward won the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award, made four All-Star games, won four NBA Championships, and was named to the All-NBA Defensive First Team four times as well. He also won two Olympic gold medals and one college national player. But now, the Golden State Warriors forward has earned an incredible honor in terms of playing college basketball, Michigan State University.

In 2007, four-star high school basketball recruit Draymond Green signed a letter of intent to play with coach Tom Izu at Michigan State University. He chose the school over the universities of Michigan and Kentucky, among others. Green has played all four seasons with the Spartans and is now honored to be in 2022 Michigan State Athletics Hall of Fame category.

Green enters the class with nine other former Spartans and they share a statement about what induction means to him.

Draymond Green inducted into the Michigan Athletics Hall of Fame

The induction won’t be in the Hall of Fame until September 9, 2022, but Green shared a statement about the news that he will be given the big honor.

Green said in a message statement. “It is an incredible honor. Michigan State has been my dream school since I was a kid, but the Hall of Fame never crossed my mind.”

Green had a great year at the Michigan State Spartans. He got 1,096 rebounds, setting a Spartan record. He is also one of three players in Michigan State history with over 1,000 points and 1,000 rebounds. Another interesting note from Green’s time at Lansing is that he trained with the Michigan State Spartans football team and participated in two games during the Green Spring football game in 2011 and played a tight end.

Green called Michigan State his dream school and he is definitely a Spartan legend and deserves his place in the Michigan Athletics Hall of Fame.

Draymond defends Kevin Durant

Now a Spartan Hall of Famer, Draymond recently defended another future NBA Hall of Famer, Kevin Durant on Twitter on Tuesday.

“Just watched the announcer on SportsCenter with Nick [Friedell] KD discussed his desire to trade, calling it emotional,” Green said. “Who are you to call someone an emotional one? What makes you comfortable? Basketball talk! Computers have become very relaxed,” Green tweeted.

An interesting tweet for sure with the rumors swirling around Durant’s trade order and him being linked for warriors as a potential landing site. Today, reports that the Golden State was reluctant to include Jordan Bull in Durant’s trade proposals helped give a picture of where the negotiations were, but also indicated they were still on the minds of the Warriors leaders. Can they withdraw a deal to return a Kuwaiti dinar to the Gulf? It’s interesting to watch how this is done.

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