Dallas Stars Daily Links: Why didn’t the stars re-sign Oettinger?

If you thought the devastating loss of John Klinburg was the price the Dallas Stars had to pay to retain two talented youngsters, you might well ask what the hell is going on with Jake Oettinger’s continued status as a restricted free agent. Wasn’t the money they weren’t willing to pay Klinger meant, in part, to ensure Otter would be a star for a very long time?

Well, as it turns out, it has never been so simple. the athleteSaad Youssef of the staff took a long look at what the team is trying to balance, and the space available might be the least. For example, like classmate Jason Robertson, Oettinger has very few comparisons in terms of age and performance among his fellow NHL players, with Carter Hart of the Philadelphia Flyers and Thatcher Demko of the Vancouver Canucks in the same room:

Oettinger has a regular 25 season starting under his name less than Hart when he signed his contract last summer but he’s basically the same age and coming out of a much better season and post-season. The $3.979 million Hart isn’t the only data point, but given the similarities in age and production, Hart is seen as a stepping stone to what Oettinger is worth.

If $3.979 million is the baseline, how high is Oettinger’s number? In the middle of the 2020-21 season, Vancouver handed fellow American goalkeeper Thatcher Dimko a five-year, $25 million deal for $5 million. At the time Demko signed his deal, he was larger than today’s Oettinger (25 to 23), had a smaller sample size (59 starts to 70 starts) and had lower job stats (0.911 savings ratio, 2.92 GAA to 0.913 savings ratio, and 2.46 GAA).

So where do contract talks go while Otter spends the summer in Minnesota? It depends on how much each side presses their advantage – and whether they are willing to play with the rest of the league:

While both sides would like a solution to be found as soon as possible, the stars are in no hurry. Boot camp starts in a month and a half and the season starts in just over two months. These are the primary pressure points at which deadlines may lead to an agreement. Until then, there isn’t much urgency. However, this does not mean that the schedule is unimportant. With the star cap on and Robertson’s knot looming, there’s a chance that another wrench will be thrown into the mix, and that’s the prospect of a show sheet.

Paper displays are a rarity in the National Hockey League, but so are the talented 23-year-old goalkeepers who have shown the potential to be the cornerstone of the franchise. If the Robertson deal is completed first, it would give any interested teams a fixed number as to how high they would have to go in order to put the stars in trouble. At this point, the stars will be forced to empty one player(s) in order to create a cover space to keep Oettinger.

There is a lot behind the paywall system. [The Athletic DFW]

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