Alan Walsh says VGK’s untrustworthy nature will eventually catch up

(Photo posted by Alan Walsh, agent of Marc-Andre Fleury)

One of the popular themes surrounding the Golden Knights in the past few seasons is the concept of loyalty. Actually, in the case of VGK, it’s a lack of loyalty, but you get the point.

In a serious effort to improve the team at any cost, the Golden Knights had to make some tough decisions along the way. It’s easy to applaud them for the fervor lost from so many front offices across the league, but the bubbling tune of crossing the unwritten line between hockey business and mistreating people is becoming unmistakable.

Vegas treats you so nicely that they don’t. They’ve gone from the Opportunity Team, the “golden misfits” or whatever, to the Evil Empire. I think they will avoid problems as long as they win, but if they lose a season, watch out. – Anonymous NHL agent for The Athletic

Unfortunately, the Golden Knights stopped winning last year and an unidentified agent thought he might start exposing them going forward.

In Vegas, no player is safe. Several players have now made the comment that no player is safe. Anytime the rug can be pulled from under you and if it happens to Marc-Andre Fleury, trust me it can happen to anyone. Some players will eventually decide to play in that environment and not care but other players will appreciate being in a place where there is a sense of loyalty, stability and appreciation that goes both ways. – Alan Walsh on the Agent Provocateur Podcast

Now that the Golden Knights have officially gotten rid of all Walsh customers, he’s not holding back from publicly sharing his feelings about the way Vegas operates.

There are many guys who got promises from owners, by GMs, you know “You’re going to retire here, you’re family, and I love you like a son.” And then a year later it circulated like, “Well, I didn’t want to do that, it’s a business.” Come on. -Walch in the Provocateur Podcast Agent

Of course, Riley Smith has re-signed an extended deal with the Golden Knights this off-season, and Alec Martinez, Robin Lehner and Alex Petrangelo have been in the past 24 months as well, suggesting the tough nature of the Vegas situation is now winning. Discourage players from going around this point.

But the question remains about the future.

Will the Golden Knights continue to attract top free agents like they did in the past? And if so, will they have to continue to distribute debilitating no-move/no-trade clauses in the process?

The latest head coach signed a five-year contract, the longest in VGK history, due in large part to the team’s willingness to switch coaches at the drop of the hat. However, he did not admit it publicly when pressed at his introductory press conference.

It’s a topic that won’t go away any time soon, and certainly won’t go away if it is General Motors keeps it up without provocation in presses.

It’s hard to say that it has affected the Golden Knights at all up to this point, but as powerful voices continue to drive the story, it’s impossible to believe that it won’t at some point in the near future.

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